Thursday, August 15, 2013

Are you ready for Blog Finds?

Well, I'm not! :) Actually after convention I am finally rested and ready to go......but that being said, there is so much to share for convention I don't want any of you to miss anything.

I am about to do something that I never do....I am going to use this blog to direct you to my own personal blog,

I just want to reiterate, that I do NOT use these blog finds as a means to get people to subscribe or visit my own personal blog, but as a way to share creativity and ideas that I have found surfing the net. So why am I telling you to go there now?

Well, one of the most amazing parts of convention are the display boards. This is where not only the projects completed on stage during general sessions and classes are displayed, but they also house projects and ideas from demos all over the world. You want to talk about creativity!

If the whole point of blog finds is to share creativity and ideas, what better way than to let you enjoy the boards from convention! So, I bent my own rule a little bit.....and I'm directing you to my own personal blog so you can see all the amazing samples and ideas posted on the convention boards. There are over 200 pictures to share, and I'll be posting 20-25 each day.

So, that being said, I'm going to wait until September 1st to reactivate the blog finds of the day, but you can still get your creative fix in on a daily basis.

Make sure you check out I promise you, you won't want to miss it.

See you back here in a couple weeks!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blog finds still on Hiatus......Otherwise Known as Be Careful What you Wish For!

So, for those of you who have been following the unfolding Drama in the Mayou household, you may remember a few weeks prior to Convention my long rambling post about Matt (My wonderful Hubby) receiving orders for a year long remote tour (meaning no family) to Izmir, Turkey.

I, as well as my children, were understandably upset. We whined about all the things he would be missing in the 12 months he would be absent from our lives (Things like teaching my daughter to drive, My Son's 10th Birthday, and Christmas just to name a few).

Being the wonderful man that he is though, he insisted I still attend the Stampin' Up! 25th anniversary convention, So I did. By the way, I had an amazing time and met tons of wonderful friends! (to see more on what all happened at convention, please visit

Anyway, fast forward to the day after I returned from Convention. It was a typical day in my life. I was tired, crabby, and had to be at work at 6 AM. Around noon I received a phone call from my darling husband telling me that he wasn't feeling well, and he thought he would come home early from work. Around 1 pm or so, he came home and laid down on the couch.

I finished up work around 4 and after finishing up for the day I asked hubby if he was feeling any better. He still said he felt "funny", so I insisted we go visit the local urgent care facility. To make a long story shorter, he ended up being taken by ambulance from the urgent care facility to the hospital where he spent two days and was diagnosed with A-fib. A disorder that causes the upper chambers of your heart to beat out of sync with the lower chambers.

Talk about scary! Since then, we found out that A-fib is not totally uncommon and millions of people live with the disease. The docs put him on medication and sent him home.

Well, this week, we were notified that his orders to Turkey had been denied due to his heart condition, and the lack of adequate cardiological care in Turkey.

All in all, it's been an interesting ride. While we are ecstatic that Matt will no longer be absent from our lives for the next year, we are worried and concerned about his health. At no point in time did I believe I would be dealing with a 37 year old hubby with a heart condition.

So, that being said, the next few weeks will be taken up with Doctor appointments and Air Force briefings to determine how, if anything, this will affect his Military career. He is 18 months from retiring, so we do have that going for us.

Obviously blog finds have been the last thing on my mind. I know I told several of you during convention that the blog finds would be returning once I got home from convention, but I've had to put that plan on hold while we take care of my husband's medical issues. My current plan is to reactivate the blog finds starting in September, but I have now learned that nothing is certain and life can throw you a curve ball at any point in time!

So, I'm asking for your patience and understanding. I know you have all been creating like crazy, and I've still looked at your posts. Please note that while you aren't currently "making the list" your creative genius is noticed and appreciated. Here's hoping that the universe has finished wreaking havoc on my life and that blog finds will be returning shortly.

Until then, Keep Creating!