Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blog finds are on Vacation

First off, let me just tell you how much you all mean to me! Blog finds started as a way to continue a tradition of wonderful blog ideas being listed on Late Night Stamper, but it has gone so much farther than that. All the wonderful art and creativity out here in the world wide web has blessed so many, not the least of which is me. I want to thank each of you personally for sharing so so many can be inspired.

That being said, I have some bad news......Blog finds of the day is going on vacation. My husband surprised me with a cruise to Morrocco, and I won't be here to post the blog finds. I'll be too busy soaking up the sun :) But never fear, I have some wonderful ladies who have stepped up to keep you in finds for the week and a half that I am gone. The ladies that will be carrying the torch while I am gone are

Heather Wachtman
Becky Jensen
Ruth Burkey
Gayla O'Dell

I want to thank them profusely for their time and willingness to help.

I will be posting the missing blog finds on here as soon as I return, but if you just can't wait for me to do can receive the blog finds of the day in your email box by joining our Late Night Stampers Yahoo group. Just click on the owl in the right sidebar and join today!

Ok everyone, I'll see you back here on Monday, January 25th. Stay warm!


  1. I LOVE CHECKING THESE OUT!!! Thank you for sharing. Have a great Vacation ;-)

  2. Hello Kelly,
    I also love to check your blog every day! such a beautiful and suprising projects! Have a great vacation.

  3. Woohoo! What a great vacation! Have fun!

  4. Wonderful for inspiration thank you for sharing. Have a super vacation

  5. Have a super break - I'm sure you deserve it