Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Favorite Part of Convention

Is meeting all the new people in person. I was talking to another demo, and she wanted to know how I planned on meeting new people when her experience in the past had been that those demos who traveled with their upline, downline, sideline, friends and family usually stuck together and stayed in the same group the entire convention. She had a good point. I've always gone to convention alone (well the two times I've gone) so I have to meet new people or I won't have anyone to talk to.....but this year I want to go above and beyond. So, I came up with a plan!

In honor of SU!'s 25th anniversary, I want to meet 25 new friends. Easier said than done? Nawww, I have a plan!

So, in my convention preparations, I have put together 25 very special new friend gifts. These are not swaps, these are not to be randomly distributed. These are for the new friends I am going to meet. How you ask? Well, here is my plan.

I am posting this on every group, blog, and social media site I use. To get one of my very special friend gifts, all you need to do is come up and see me sometime during convention and tell me "I want to be one of your 25 new friends." Give me your business card, maybe have your picture taken with me for my blog, and I will give you my extra special new friend gift.

With over 5,800 people at convention there have to be 25 of you that will find me and say hello!

Oh, and just to make it fair, I'm only going to have a few special friend gifts per day. That way I get to meet new people every day!

Since I arrive on Sunday night, I'm going to start with my new friend gifts on Monday.  Each day from Monday through Friday (cause you know by Saturday we will all be sleep deprived and slap happy due to all the amazing things I know SU is going to share!) I will be carrying five of my New Friend gifts. If you are one of the first five people to come up and introduce yourself and tell me "I want to be one of your 25 new friends" you will get one!

So, even though there are so many exciting things to do at convention , I hope you will keep an eye out for me. I can't wait to meet you all!

(My last name is Mayou so you can look for me)


  1. Awesome Kelly! I hope I run into you next week, at least just to say Hi!


  2. Which hotel are you staying? Maybe we can have a slumber party. Our evenings are the most fun, when we share swaps, snacks and stories. Enjoy!

  3. Kelly, I love your Finds of the Day. I hope our path cross just so I can say Thanks in person!

  4. I come from France on Thursday afternoon and I hope we have the opportunity to meet either to one of the 25 or just for the sake of exchange and share our passion!
    A Thursday