Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lack of Posts

I apologize for the lack of recent posts, but due to the lovely ash cloud raining over Europe, my Cyprus vacation has been extended. While I have internet access (obviously) most of my attention has been directed at finding a way home. I am happy to report we have obtained plane tickets, unfortunately they are for the 29th. So, that being said, I hope you can bear with the delay until I return to Germany. Thanks for your understanding.



  1. Yikes Kelly! Hope you make it home soon, but on the bright side at least you get to extend your vacation. Be well!

  2. Shame (or not?) that you have been delayed Kelly. I look forward to your return and the resumption of service! I miss not being able to check here everyday to see the wonderful projects that everyone has been creating. You have created a wonderful resource for this crafter.

  3. I too have missed your posts. Glad to see you are ok but a bit of a difficult time for you. Hope you've been abl e to make the best of things:)

  4. Kelly,
    So sorry to hear about your travel woes...but hope that your able to enjoy Cyprus a little more. I didn't realize how much I missed your blog finds until there wern't any - so THANKS a million for all you do to send me to the right places!
    Kendra Richardson - Tucson, AZ.
    BLOG: www.kendrascorner.blogspot.com

  5. I'm really missing you posts too. Sorry to read about your situation, and I hope you haven't run out of money yet, that would be my worry anyway.

  6. Oh no! I hope you make it home safely!