Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog finds for April 1 and IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Ok, you are all in luck. Here is yet another Day’s worth of Blog finds. Hubby said I couldn’t stamp until we were finished unpacking, but he never said anything about Blurfing! Enjoy. Maybe I’ll be able to sneak another one in tomorrow J

Unfortunately, due to the sky rocketing prices of gas, groceries, etc. , I am no longer going to be able to provide the Blog finds for free. Starting April 4th, there will be a subscription fee of $20 per month to continue receiving Blog finds of the Day. I’m sure you all understand completely. This economy has been rough on everyone and we all need to find ways to make ends meet. I appreciate your understanding and will be sending you an opt-in email on Monday. Please scroll down for what may be the last Free daily edition of Blog Finds.

APRIL FOOLS!!!! Ok, did you really think I was going to charge you for other people’s Ideas? Did you forget what today was? I may be unpacking, but I’m still going to pull at least one prank! Please erase all that hate mail you were composing in your head J Have a great day.



Chris Galbraith Creations- Bunny Jar

Just Sponge It- Mini Purse

Stamp Art papel- 3D Rose

Big Shot:


My Crafty World- Bliss Layout

Stamp with Jane- Sew Suite Sampler Book


Jane Stamping Sensation- Easter Gift Card Holder

Melanie Schulenberg- Paper Calla Lily Tutorial


Karen Kurz- Spinner Card

Card Scraps- Sweet Summer Card

Stampin Fun with Selene- Baby Card

Erna Logtenberg- Live Laugh Love Card

Ilina Crouse- Little Note Card

My Stamping Creations- Live Laugh Love Vanilla Card

Crafty Maria’s Stampin World- Bargello Card

Glenda Mollet- Thinking of You Brayered Card

Life with a Weiner Dog- Bugs and Kisses Card

Madeline Soler- Graduation Card

Paper Conversation- Blushing Elizabeth Card

Stampin Ovation- Easter Bunny Treat Card

Stamping Lee Yours- Button Card

Rhonda Stirrat- Daffodil Card

Just For Fun:

Jane Stamping-Sensation- Awwwww Baby ducks and chicks!


  1. Good one Kelly! That is the first time in many years I have been caught! i do enjoy your "finds" and appreciate the effort you put into doing the work for us !

  2. LOL!!!! As I read I am thinking she needs gas to search the web...??? Then I realized what you were doing...good one!!!!

  3. WONDERFUL!!!! Happy April Fools to you I love what you do and will miss it if you change it.

    Happy Unpacking!!!

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  5. OH NO!!!!!! I just got caught! My male genes came roaring to the surface and I didn't read the entire post! Oh dear (said with a groan)! I just removed my last post so you don't have to read all my WONDERFUL suggestions! Happy April 1st!!!!!!!! Thanks for pepping up my day. :)

  6. OK, so that was the best April Fools joke ever. VERY creative!! Totally had me going.


  7. Oh wow that was great! I was trying to figure out in my head what I could do without so I could pay $20 a month to receive your Blog finds. Because it is so worth the money. Thanks for NOT charging. LOL

  8. Haha! I have to admit I didn't read the whole post either - in my excitement to see what you found! - but I did appreciate the comment about charging for "other people's ideas"! Glad you found some time to "Bluf"! Maybe you should cash in on that new word....

  9. Love it! Any chance you can post our new weekly challenge blog in your finds? It starts April 2 and can be found at We're both Stampin' Up! demos. Thanks!

    Terry and Shirley

  10. Good, good joke!!!!!!

  11. Love it! You got me! Thanks for including me in the April Fools Blog Finds. How fun and I appreciate the recognition.